Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines. I know I did. : )

When I got home from class there were flowers waiting for me. Steven got me a dozen assorted colored roses. Of course I took a picture:

Then we went to dinner at HuHot, which is a basically a 'create your own' stir-fry place. It was really good, and of course we both ate too much.

Before I went to bed I spent some time getting together pictures of my entries for the Women in the Arts (WITA) show. It's due today and I should find out on Monday whether or not any of my pieces will be in the show. There is another show during the same time, it's the Undergraduate Show at the gallery in the art building. The entries for that one isn't due until some time next week, so I can enter whatever pieces don't make the WITA show in that show. I'll post pictures of the other 2 things I entered later today.

When I drop of my entries at the craft studio I am going to swing by the bookstore and see if my posters have been hung up. If they are, I will make sure to take a picture.

I'm getting ready to go to work. I am going to make some final adjustments to the bookmark and then e-mail the proof to the person who asked for it. I should also get the pictures for the web button and finish that up - I'll try to get photos of those up too.


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