Monday, February 11, 2008

I get my own cubicle!

I braved the snowy, slippery roads (they weren't that bad, Mom) to get to the Student and Auxiliary Services building for my first day as a Marketing Department Graphic Design Intern. I wasn't sure what to take with me, so all I grabbed was my planner, some loose leaf, and a pen.

First, Meggan (my boss) gave me a tour of the important places in the building. I saw the printing and supply room, it had 2 large format printers, and lots and lots of paper. The break room, it had 3, yes 3, refrigerators, a microwave and a couple tables to sit at. Meggan showed me where to clock in and out using my student ID card. And, of course, where the bathroom is. Then she showed me to my desk. I get my own little cubicle, phone line, and computer - loaded with all the programs a graphic artist could dream of.

Meggan showed me how to log in to the Marketing server and website to access all the logos and project information. Then she showed me my assignment page. I am to design a 22 x 28 poster to congratulate the 2008 summer welcome staff.

Shortly after I started Meggan came to my desk and asked me what supplies I needed. I asked for some fine-point Sharpies (I like to sketch with them), paper to sketch on, a few ball point pens, and she added post-its to the list. I need to remember to take a few bottles of water and some snacks to stash away.

I made 3 different posters so far. They are all relatively the same. My instructions were to use school colors and the text provided. That's it. Here is what I came up with:
I'm not sure if I am technically allowed to share before they are released to the bookstore, so as long as you don't go printing them out and spreading them around, I think it's okay. : ) If you click on the picture (or any picture on here) it will open up larger in a new window.

I like all of them... which one do you like the best?

I will be working Monday and Wednesday 2:20 to 5 and Friday 10 to 5. I hope they keep me busy!

Tonight I will be finishing my art history paper and working on finishing up the 150 sketches I need to do for graphic design class. I don't know about you, but I think 150 sketches of lines and boxes is a little ridiculous....


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