Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I hate the weather, but love my job!

I had a great time at work today. After going to statistics and graphic design, I headed over to the MU General Stores building. When I got there, I had presents waiting on my desk! All the supplies I asked for were waiting for me.

I spent the first few minutes getting my desk organized. After I got settled, I got my new assignments from Jessica (the head graphic designer) and showed her what I had done on Monday. She picked the one with the squares... everyone else I showed like that one the best too. I made a few adjustments and then sent them to the large format printer. I needed two.

While that was printing I started on my next projects: a web button for and a bookmark for the bookstore. The web button will say "office essentials". The current button says "planners and calendars". The bookmark has a list of events that the bookstore is holding from now until the end of the semester.

Once my signs were finished printing (I heard them hit the floor... oops!) I went in to cut them. After I got them all trimmed up they were put into a cardboard tube that I labeled; then took them to the mail room downstairs.

I could only work on the bookmark today because I am waiting on the pictures of the office supplies for the web button. I finished one draft and sent it to Meggan for editing. I was a little unhappy with some of the logo placement, so I'll probably mess around with it a little more.

I can't wait to get back there on Friday. Now if the weather would just shape up...


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