Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I shoulda taken homework.

Today started at 2 am when my stomach woke me up. I don't know if it was something I ate, or a stomach bug, but my tummy was not happy. I got back to sleep maybe 45 minutes later. Then I woke up when my alarm sounded at 7:15. I still didn't feel good.

I had to get a bunch of Mary Kay stuff ready for a party I was doing at a sorority house. I did so much stuff... created and printed out 3 different flyers, packaged a bunch of products, and gathered every Mary Kay thing I have. Then my stomach started acting up again.

I had to be at the sorority house at 9:15 to give them some flyers to hang up so the girls would know I was coming. My art history lab starts at 10 and my paper was due. Due to a combination of stomach pain and horrid weather, I decided to call in a sick day. I dropped my paper off and told her I was sick, she agreed that I should go home to save the rest of the class from illness.

Despite the constant falling snow, I made it to my neighborhood... only to slide in to the curb when trying to turn on to my street. I was only going like 5 miles an hour, but I had to hit the curb and back up to actually get back on the road. 5 houses down I pulled into the drive way and headed back to bed. Nothing happened to the car - I checked.

This picture is from last winter when we got 16 inches of snow.

After my nap, I finished preparing for the Mary Kay party and then showered. I headed over there at 3:30. I had a huge bin and a huge bag. I lugged them out of my car and carried them half a block to the sorority house, rang the door bell... and rang the door bell... and rang it again. Mind you, it was still snowing and like 10 degrees. Finally some one let me in and I set everything up.

One girl stopped at my table. And one girl bought 2 eye shadows. Thats it. I sat there for 2 and half hours staring and made 5 bucks. Sigh. I shoulda taken homework.


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