Thursday, February 28, 2008

They're not Longaberger

I am taking a Fiber Arts class this semester. Our first unit of three was basketry. I wasn't allowed to bring them home until we finished the entire unit, so I have two of my four baskets to show you.

These are made with twine and reed.

This basket holds four 3-subject notebooks and is made from reeds.

This is the twine basket.

I have two more that I made using telephone wire and a thicker gauge silver wire. Those were my final project for the unit, my teacher isn't finished grading them. When I am able to bring them home I will post pictures of those too.

And since a running theme seems to be the weather... the weather forecast for today was a high of 48 (thats right!). So I threw on a sweatshirt and went off to class. When I left my second class at 2, it was snowing/sleeting. Obviously NOT 48. I am pretty angry at the weather people. Here's to a warm weekend!


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