Friday, February 8, 2008

Tree of Life / Giving Tree

This a piece that I finished today. I did the background a couple days ago and then painted the image today.

Here are the step-by-step pictures:

Here is the background. It's just red and brown mixed and layered.

I made a template from my drawing. Here is the outline.

Here is the 'trunk' all painted and shaded. I used a couple shades of brown for this.

The 'leaves' template.

Here is the finished product! I used green, gold-green, and yellow for the leaves.
The colors are pretty true to life in this picture.

This painting symbolizes life. I can't decide if the title should be 'Tree of Life' or 'The Giving Tree' - like the book; I like them both. The tree is a symbol for life and the twisting thing (I don't know its name, haha) is a symbol for eternal life. I have been thinking about life more since coming to college, and I decided it would be a good inspiration for a painting.

I am getting ready to enter an art show titled 'Women in the Arts' and I wanted another piece to take because it costs the same to enter 2 as it does 3, but I only had 2 pieces that I really liked. I think women could particularly relate to this - seeing as how they give life to their children.

This may become a part of a set. I have another square canvas with a similar background already painted and I have another sketch to work from, I just need to adjust it some.


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