Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy Bee

I have been swamped at work. Which is great, because I would much rather be busy while I am there than sitting and watching the clock. Although yesterday it was so beautiful outside - I just wanted to go home and sit in the backyard. Anyway, here is my list of projects:

Stephens Performing Arts Weekend Sale
Spring Break Hours Signage (MU, M S&T, UMKC - see bottom)
MU General Stores Web Ad
Record Breaking Season - Football Tee Web Ad (MU Bookstore, MU Connection)
Stephens Author Signing Signage
Textile and Apparel Management Internship Web Ad
Campus Authors Signage (30 Authors)
Campus Authors Website

Most of these are finished already. I just haven't mentioned them here yet. If there are things listed next to them, that means I had to create different ones for each location. I will make sure to bring electronic versions of the ones that don't have links home tomorrow so I can post all the pictures.

The Textile and Apparel Management (TAM) Ad is on right now. It will be the first thing you see when you open the page, right in the middle.

The Record Breaking Tee Ads are up on (same place as the TAM ad) and (on the right hand side at the top).

The Campus Authors job is huge. I am really glad that I was assigned to it. All the items are for an event that the bookstore holds to honor anyone at Mizzou who wrote a book (and got it published). First I scanned all the book covers, then I saved them 3 times, 3 different sizes. 2 sizes for the website that the books will be sold on, and one for 11 x 17 posters that will sit on each author's table. Those posters have to be sent out to get laminated and foam core mounted. I am helping with the basics for the website, too.

MU = University of Missouri - Columbia (Mizzou)
M S&T = Missouri University of Science and Technology (previously Univ. of Missouri - Rolla)
UMKC = University of Missouri - Kansas City
Stephens = all girls college next to Mizzou
We also do work for Columbia College, a community college near Mizzou as well.

Little fact: Columbia, MO is called Collegetown, USA because it has 3 major schools, amongst other small colleges.


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