Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

In honor of Easter weekend, I have some pictures of the cute new lambs.

The littlest baby. It doesn't venture very far from its mommy.

Littlest baby again. It is the most playful looking.

The two other babies, and a mommy.
The littlest baby runs around and plays with these guys. It's fun to watch.

Steve and I give the dog treats and pets.
Quite often the sheep and the goats come to see if they will get any.

The saddest looking dog ever. He does this any time we leave him to go back inside. We hadn't been out to visit him much since it got cold.

This is from last fall. I was pointing at the HUGE sheep, and it nibbled on my finger as the picture was being taken. I jumped and yelled. But look how BIG that thing is!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Eat lots of yummy food and chocolate for me! I can imagine how good that honey baked ham will be...


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