Saturday, March 15, 2008

Take a Look!

Here is all of my completed work up to Friday afternoon. I forgot one sign, so I will post that next week.

This is the new Spring Cleaning Web Ad for MU General Stores. You can see this at starting Monday (3/17).

I posted about these on Wednesday.

The MU spring break hours signs. All the schools had the same look, just a different background color.

A sign to advertise an author that is visiting Stephens College for a book signing.

The only thing on my plate at this point is the Campus Authors job. After lots of miscommunication at the bookstore, they finally sent me correct information. I got started on the 40 posters today.

I made Taco Ring for dinner tonight. For some reason I got the hankering, so I whipped some up. It was much easier than I remember. That will be all the cooking I do this weekend - I have a project to finish for Monday and a test on Tuesday. I am definitely ready for a break. Too bad I don't really get one. Oh, the life of an adult...


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