Saturday, March 29, 2008

What Spring Break?

This past week was my spring break. The weather forecast was warm and sunny. I was excited to use my days off to bask in the warmth. I had planned to explore the local farmer's market, and some of the local parks and hike/bike trails.

I worked all day Monday and Tuesday (9 to 5). Nothing special, just worked on various small assignments. The weather was cooperating... still a little chilly, but the sun made a prominent appearance. I slept in Wednesday - only to wake up to rain. My plans were ruined. I could still try Thursday. But of course, it rained and was cold on Thursday as well. That's what I get for making plans I guess. I worked part of the day Friday, spending the afternoon finishing laundry and laying around.

Hopefully it will be decent some time next week so I can plant some flower seeds in the front. I need a couple plants for my pots too. The dirt and dead plant look is getting old.


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