Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Steven's birthday was yesterday. The celebration started Friday night/Saturday morning at midnight. We took a nap from 3 am to 11 am, ate a breakfast snack around noon, relaxed until 8, ate dinner, went to the bar at 9, and retreated to bed at 2:30-ish.

Here are some pictures from the events. : )

The Birthday Boy! On his way to get his first legal drink at midnight.
He might not like me for putting this picture up... but thats what he gets for making faces at me every time I take his picture.

The 6 blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs I made him for breakfast.
You can kind of see... I made the top one say '21'.

The cheesecake I decorated with the Cubs logo. I was going to do it with blueberries and cherries, but they were purple and pink instead of blue and red... so I left it like this.

We went to Willie's Pub & Pool to celebrate.

JJ and Steven taking a shot.

He looks very 'GQ' in this picture. I like me in this picture, so thats why I put it up.

A 'good one'... after like a bajillion tries.

After going out 3 nights in the past 2 weeks, the conclusion I have come to is that it is so darn expensive!

Saturday I night I spent:
$6.00 - Fuzzy Navel
$7.50 (!!!) - White Russian
$3.75 - Chocolate Cake Shot (thats right, one ounce of liquid for nearly 4 bucks)
Totaling: $17.25
Plus $5.00 for tips = $22.25 (!!!!!)

The chocolate cake shot was amazingly tasty. If it wasn't so expensive I would have gotten another one. I also had a shot of 'rum' that I didn't have to pay for. It turned out to be peppermint something, which was really good considering I was expecting rum.

Oh - I never told you what I got Steven for his birthday! I surprised him with tickets to see the Cubs play the cardinals in STL next Saturday (May 3rd). He was surprised and pleased - at least thats what I gathered. I told him a couple weeks ago to keep that date free, but he thought it was so we could go to the Winery for our Anniversary. So when he saw the date of the game, imagine his shock that I had deceived him. : )


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  1. i look stupid in that first picture.
    at least my beard looks awesome.


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