Saturday, April 19, 2008

Books you don't have to read.

I had to make a couple books for my graphic design class. They took a lot of time, but I think they turned out pretty well. Most of the people in my class took their book pages to kinkos to be bound, and I spent a lot of time doing it my self.

Here is the first one... This is a terms book. I had to define 10 graphic design terms and include a little 'illustration' to allow for the visualization of what the term actually means. I started with a few ideas that I didn't completely enjoy, then came up what I thought was a brilliant idea. : ) I made the cover and bound all the pages by hand.


Second Cover

Both Covers open

Title Page

Example of the inside pages

A tab folds down and a sheet of velum folds up.

It's hard to see, but the velum has a grey line on the edge of the text on the left hand side... since it illustrates 'justified left'. I sewed the button on the cover and attached a black hair band for the loop. I got a 95% on this assignment. I think I totally deserved the grade I received. I have been waiting to get an A in this class, and I finally got one.

And the second book... This is a how-to book. Sort of. Every page in the book actually has the same content, I just had to design it 12 different ways, adding different design elements. The presentation had to allude to what the book was actually about. After playing with several different ideas, and consulting my favorite 'idea-bouncers' (thanks Dad & Mom), I (we) came up with how to make a Seven Layer Salad. It had the perfect number of ingredients - the same number as the amount of dividers I would need in the book. So here it is...

The paper mache head of lettuce

The back of the lettuce where the book slips in.

The actual book.

The page dividers

I cut all the circles using a circle cutter - all 23 of them. Then I cut 22 tabs, and punched 22 holes in the tabs, and used a metal screw thing to attach them together - sort of like a hi-tech brad. The dividers are lettuce, green bell pepper, celery, red onion, peas, mayonnaise, cheese, and bacon bits. Oh, and of course I set it on a cutting board. One other girl and I were the only ones who actually made a presentation for our book. Everyone else had them bound by kinkos and just handed in the book. We turned these in this past week, so I am still waiting on my grade. Hopefully my effort and hand-made elements will help me earn another A.

In other news... I started physical therapy. I have been to 2 sessions, and I'm not sure it's worth my $20 a session. I am seeing a girl named Karra. She took a bunch of measurements, and tested my grip strength. Your dominate hand (the one you write with) is supposed to be your stronger one. I can actually grip 7 pounds less with my right hand than my left. My right had was bothering me the day she measured, but now she really wants to get it stronger. I do a lot of stretching, and a couple weird things, like - rotating my wrist while holding a hammer, squeezing 'thera-putty' (silly putty), and lifting a one-pound weight - all things I can do at home.
I think after a few more sessions, maybe I'll learn a few more things and I can save my money and do it at home. Sorry this was so long! Until next time...


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