Sunday, April 20, 2008

Plastic Scares

I'm not sure if any of you have seen or heard anything about the plastic issues, but apparently there is an ingredient in plastic (I'm not sure if it's in all plastic) that can have some rough repercussions. I found a couple articles, one is from Canada and the other is about a US company.

The ingredient in question is called bisphenol A (BPA). It can be linked to problems in babies (it's in plastic baby bottles and the lining of formula containers) as well as forms of cancer and obesity.

Chemists say that it's not strong enough to harm humans, but given what the above articles suggest, I am wondering if I shouldn't be worried. I use Nalgene bottles to carry my water (and even if I purchased bottled water - it's in plastic). I store left-overs in plastic containers. I make hot chocolate in plastic mugs. Apparently it's worse when the plastic is heated - it emits the chemical into the food or water. Even if you leave your water in a hot car it can absorb the chemical easier. Apparently the FDA hasn't really done much to see what problems it causes.

I am going to make a greater attempt to warm up my left-overs on plates rather than in the storage container. And if my water gets warm/hot, I will make sure I dump it and re-fill the container.

Who knows if these things are true, but if it is, and it's something I can prevent, I am going to do my best. Hopefully the FDA will research this some more and we can figure out exactly what we should be worried about.

PS: The bottles above are the ones I own. And the pink one is my favorite. : ) Nalgene is teaming up with Brita to help keep plastic out of land fills. They suggest you buy a Brita filter and a water bottle to do your part. And if you didn't read the Nalgene article - the company is phasing out their bottles that include BPA and are starting a new line of BPA-free bottles.


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