Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

It is finally spring! Maybe...

I planted some flower seeds on Saturday... lets hope they grow so I don't have to go buy flowers. Grandma gave me a whole bunch to try out, so I planted a couple varieties around the beds. Sunday was so pleasant that I opened all the windows and enjoyed the breeze. Today was nice, too. Of course tomorrow it's going to rain all day - maybe its just so my flowers grow. I think the day summer arrives will be the best day of my life.

Sorry the posts have been fewer lately. Nothing special has been going on. Work has been busy, yet slow. I have been working on the same set of brochures - going through editing battles. The guy who was sending me the information is sending it in bits and pieces. That doesn't make it easy on me. When I send him a proof, it takes him days to get it back to me.

In honor of baseball season, I have a picture from a game Steven and I went to last season. (Only because I think the posts look boring without photos!)

Hopefully we can get to a game this year. The Cubs have started out this season decently. Lets all hope they don't disappoint as badly as last year. : ) I have yet to make it to a Mizzou baseball game, but they have been doing very well this season. Now that it's nice I should be able to go to a few.

Only 5 weeks left of this semester... and I am glad. This semester hasn't necessarily been hard, just a lot of work. And I have my portfolio review at the end of the semester to determine if I get into Graphic Design 3 or not. That adds a lot of stress. Everyone tells me that I'll be fine, and that I'll get in... but they are cutting almost half the class... so I can't help but worry.

My wrists have been bothering me lately. All the way back in high school my doctor told me that I had carpel tunnel. That was like 4 years ago (I'm getting old!). It comes and goes, but lately its been worse than usual. They set me up with physical therapy, so I am going to give that a shot.

I have a few art projects that I'll be posting soon. I have some fun ones from fibers, so keep a look out for those. : )


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