Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Almost done. Then only three more.

I finally have more art to show you. This is the surface design project that I completed for my fibers final. I made it double sided, mostly because I wanted to do both pieces.

I sewed the whole side with the diamonds. It took a long time. For the second side I sewed the back ground (the squares) and I used a fusible adhesive for the tree and the flowers. I used plain white fabric to layer in between the two sides.

My inspiration for the side with the trees was Liz Berg, a wonderful surface design artist that I came across while researching for this project. If you have time, take a glance at her blog and website. Her things are beautiful. 

I just took my statistics final, which I was most concerned with. I think it went pretty well - I guess I'll find out if I was right next week. I only have one more final, it's for Art History. This test shouldn't be too hard... if I can memorize all these note cards:

Take a guess on how many cards there are. I can tell you that it is double the amount that I had for my previous tests, and that Steven refused to quiz me because there were so many. I have to learn the name of the art work, the artist, the location, the date, the time period, and one fact about it. I'll be glad when this class is over.

I find out about graphic design Thursday at 10:30. Needless to say, I am anxious. I will be sure and post the results here as soon as I know.

Only three more semesters after this. I hope they go fast. And I know I will regret saying that one day.


PS: There are 110 note cards in that stack. Feel my pain.

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