Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Banana Bread and other Treats

I made Grandma's Banana Bread recently. It's so easy to put together... the hardest part is waiting the hour for it to bake. It fills the whole house with such a delicious smell.

Doesn't it look good...
I am going to try a pumpkin bread recipe next. And Mom gave me a recipe for strawberry bread... sounds interesting, so I am willing to give it a shot.

The animals that live behind us got a treat when we mowed the yard. The grass was so long from all the rain we got, I had no choice but the rake up the clippings. Why throw them away (send them off in the yard bags the city provides) when we have several hungry animals willing to gobble it up. And they had plenty to munch on.

This was the bunch I dumped out from the front yard.

And this is when the rush came after I finished raking the backyard. I just pushed it all to the edge of the fence. There are more to the left of this photo too. They were excited to have fresh grass.

I saw this little guy while I was raking.

Work is kinda slow, but I am told when July comes we will be frantic - so I better enjoy the time while I have it. And I know I will enjoy the larger pay check when it come in. : )


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