Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cubs Win!

Steven and I drove to St. Louis to see the Cubs play the Cardinals at Busch Stadium on Saturday. This was basically an extension of his birthday celebration. We got on the road at 11:30 and arrived at the parking garage around 1:30. The trip went smoothly until I hit a curb and popped my front right tire. Steven spent a half hour changing the flat and we entered the stadium at 2:00.

Steven found the bathroom for a quick hand wash we found the nearest concession stand to grab some food. We were originally going to walk around the area outside the stadium to find cheaper food, but due to my detour... we didn't have time. A hot dog, french fries, bud light, and $18.50 later, we headed to our seats. We had a great view from the Cards version of the bleachers. Not as exciting as Wrigley, but it was a Cubs game none the less.

After an exciting win (9 to 3), we got in the car anticipating the long wait to get back to the highway, and the even longer drive home on the spare tire. While waiting in the long lines for the highway, we saw a bunch of guys yelling at a guy in a car, and a bus knock the side view mirror off of an old couple's car. It was good entertainment. I drove 50 MPH the whole way home, with my flashers on... arriving in Columbia 3 hours after starting the journey.

Today I slept in, worked on homework, napped, and relaxed.

Tomorrow I will be spent at the car dealership getting my tire replaced. Sigh.

PS: my new sunglasses are also in the picture above. : )


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