Friday, May 23, 2008

Logo Design

I am working on a logo design - my first one ever. So after looking through 385 pages of The Big Book of Logos I started working on some ideas. I did 4 different ideas and passed it around the office. Everyone agreed that one was stronger than the other three, so I began developing that one.

One of my co-workers is re-designing the web page and she was told to model it off of the GE website, which looks like this:

And here is our current mock up, including my prospective logo in the top left and corner:

And a close up of the logo:

Just to explain a little bit... this website and logo have to represent all of the campuses, so we can't just use a Mizzou symbol. I chose to use three trees to represent the three 'elements' that SAS encompasses. Including: Service, Support, and Resources. Gold was used because it is a common color that all campuses share.

I am going to travel back in time and post other things I have designed... it's just hard having all my files on my computer at work and remembering to bring them home. So now that I have some free time at work I can just post from work.


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