Monday, May 19, 2008

New Look

I gave the blog a little re-vamp. : )

After playing around with Blogger, I have figured out how to change the header (title) and other fun things. I made the header, and then decided it didn't go with the background, so I changed everything!

If my idea goes according to plan, I will be changing the header and color scheme with the seasons. So make sure you let everyone (meaning people who know me/are interested in what I do) that I have changed some things.

Oh, and the new picture of me to the left is courtesy of my co-worker Paul. He is new and needed a little practice shooting (taking photos of) models. We went to this beautiful park (that I didn't know was there), and now I wish I had a bike I could ride around.

And if you stop by, make sure you leave a little comment. : )


1 comment:

  1. I like your blog's new look! It's refreshing. Blogalicious!
    Hope you enjoy your book, but be sure to use some of your down time at work to learn all you can about that new software. :)
    Love you and miss you, but I'll SEE YOU SOON!!!:)
    Love always,


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