Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Older Work

Here are a few things that I did at work a while ago, but never posted.

This was for an Educationally Priced Software promotion, the signage was placed in RooTech:

These signs were hung up on the doors to the buildings that the graduation ceremonies were held in:

Bookstore Summer Hours Signage:
The last one is my favorite, and was the inspiration for the header of my blog.

Because there is nothing for me to do that is work related, I am working on a secret project - a personal secret project. I will let you in on it some time in July. I am using my free time to browse Ikea and look at things that I (of course) HAVE to have. Maybe. The only thing I actually think I really need is a sofa. And I found one that I really like for $399. That comes with a basic white slip cover, but I can buy whatever color dye I want for $4.00 a bottle. That will save me a lot of money. We'll see how much money I can save up during the summer. I wonder if Ikea has a registry... maybe I could convince people to buy me those things for my birthday...


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