Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Storm Brewin'

A big summer storm just knocked on the door. There are thunder booms lasting like a minute long. Nice lightning show, too. I just hope it doesn't keep me up all night.

I actually had a busy day at work today. I am writing descriptions for the products on Mizzou Connection. I have to make sure that I use a bunch of key words so when people search for things on Google or something the product will show up. It takes a while to come up with something to write, and then I have to double check to make sure that I used enough of the key words. At least it's keeping me busy. I am only on the G's.

Speaking of G's, I think g is my favorite letter in the alphabet. Weird thing to say - I know. I just really like the lower case g with the circles and curves. Now you all think I am really nuts... 'she has a list of fonts she doesn't like (and a list of ones she likes), and a favorite letter of the alphabet...'

I had a fight with my nail polish this evening. I think it won. I had to redo one toe nail 3 times. I finally thought about it and realized how goopy it was, so I added a little nail polish remover and thinned it out. So far so good. I am patiently letting them dry and 'cure' before I slip them under the covers. I was going to put a clear polish on my fingers, but after the fight I decided I might try that tomorrow.

The jeans I ordered should be here tomorrow (Wednesday). I really really hope that they fit. My current jeans - I only have one pair that fit really well - and I discovered a rip in the left leg today. I knew they were on their last leg... I need to stop wearing them as much. I wish good jeans weren't so hard to find.


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