Monday, June 9, 2008

What's the deal?

Okay. Seriously. It's either raining, or extremely muggy and hot. I just want a nice summer day. I guess being in the state of Missouri, that's probably too much to ask. Oh well, maybe next year. (HA!)

We signed our lease today. We get the keys on July 21st. That means our leases overlap a week, so this year should go much more smoothly than last year. That means that we have to pack. I swear... after college, whenever I have to move I am hiring a company or something.

On to happier things... the family comes in about 36 hours! I am excited to see them, and for my mini-vacation. Oh, and for shopping. It has been ages since I have gone shopping, and I have to find a dress for Gregg's wedding. Shopping with a purpose is usually less fun, but I really want to get some summer dresses in my wardrobe.

Nothing really new at work... still writing descriptions. I also got an assignment to design a temporary web banner for MU General Stores, who I have designed for before. I know busy season is coming, and at that point I will be alone... the 3 grads have found full-time jobs and are moving on. One girl is a design intern, one is a photography intern, and the third is an advertising/marketing intern. That means we will be hiring 3 new people soon.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now. I'll be sure to post about my adventures this week. : )


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