Monday, July 7, 2008

Artichoke Annie's Antique Mall

Yesterday I drove over to Artichoke Annie's Antique Mall to explore for the first time. It was HUGE and took me about 2 hours to walk through the whole thing - while stopping and looking in each booth of course. The first thing I got really excited about was a yellow square Pyrex casserole dish. If I know the story correctly, my Grandma Jane used a red one to make baked beans, and it was dubbed the 'bean bowl'. I believe my parents still have it (?).

It was $29.00.

After I saw that I was determined to see if there was a red one anywhere in the place. Although I think the yellow one is closer to the size of the 'bean bowl'. And I might even go back and get that one...

The next thing I saw was this line-up of blue glass jars with galvanized steel looking lids.

These were $6.00 each.

I couldn't really justify spending $6 for a jar, but I really love the color of them. And what pretty kitchen accessory they would be...

The next thing I came across that I had to have was this:

This gorgeous window was $110.

I felt like I had to have it as soon as I spotted it... but I couldn't justify the purchase. And I could only imagine the criticism I would get from Steven . Maybe one day.

And in the back corner of the store, my very last stop, I found this:

Do you see it?? On the top shelf... right in the middle... A square red Pyrex bowl. 7 1/2 inches across. For $18.50. That bowl is mine! I was so excited to find it, even if its not the same size, it means something to me.

On a side note, I love how the items are grouped by color. All the booths did it, and it was appealing.

I was also searching for egg plates, and I found 2 very generic ones for $8.00 each. Both ones that I knew my Dad already had. Oh well. I really want to go back, I am sure I overlooked tons of items.



  1. I'm ADDICTED to antiques! My great aunt that lives in Roanoke, TX has a house FULL of antiques, and I LOVE IT! When I grow up, that will (hopefully) be me too!!


  2. You found some AWESOME finds!!


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