Saturday, July 19, 2008

Farmers Market and Outlet Mall

Today Steven and I finally checked out the Columbia Farmers Market. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be. We only spent maybe 10 minutes there, and we saw the whole thing.

After that we drove an hour to the Osage Beach Premium Outlets. I was on a mission to find a dress for my cousin's wedding, and Steven needs a shirt and tie.

It was HOT. Hot and humid. Every store we went into was our new favorite, it welcomed us with nice cool air.

I found a dress at the 3rd or 4th store we went into. Okay, Steven found it. He deserves credit. After walking around the rest of the 110 stores, I ended up going back and getting that dress.

Steven was great the whole time. I had gotten him up early for the farmers market, and I know he hates shopping. He rubbed my shoulders after seeing how red they were from carrying around my heavy bag, and then he carried the bag the remainder of the time. : ) I love him for all those unexpected things, and a lot of other reasons too. Thank you, darling.


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