Sunday, July 6, 2008

Reusable Grocery Bags and other Green Things

When I realized how many plastic bags I get during one shopping trip, I became obsessed with finding canvas grocery bags. The store I shop at doesn't offer paper bags, which I could more easily recycle. I do recycle plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper.

I already stopped buying bottled water and started using Nalgene bottles. I am excited for the new BPA free ones to come out.

I am planning a trip to a local farm to pick strawberries, blackberries, and veggies. And after finally finding information about the local farmers market, I am excited to check that out.

The Clorox Green Works cleaning products that I recently started using not only smell much more pleasant than other cleaning products, but they clean much better then some of the things I used to use.

I am not quite ready to completely jump into completely being green, but I feel like there are smaller steps I can take to get there. : )



  1. Every baby step is really a big thing! Good for you! Even doing little things here and there can make a big impact. I've been to u-pick farms before, and they are so much fun. I hope you have fun too!

  2. YEAH CHRISTA!! Our family trys it's best to be green too! We have a few of those reuseable grocery bags, but we always forget them :( So..when we do get plastic bags, we find as many uses for them as possible! You'd be amazed at what they do!! I LOVE u-pick farms too! When I visit my grandparents in Louisville, KY we drive over to Indiana and go to Huber's! It's my fave! My grandparents here in TX (near San Antonio) run their own farm/ranch and have a 1 acre garden ALWAYS filled with yummies!! Have fun darlin' !!

    <3, Mere

  3. oh...and I'm in Houston! (Land of Sugar to be exact) My great aunt lives in Roanoke! My 7th grade english teacher's dad has Bennett Elementary school named after him and his wife!


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