Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back Online!

I got my computer back today! It looks all shiny and new... but inside it's the same 'ol gal. I guess you could say she got a face lift. Do people name their computers like they do their cars?

Anyway... they tried to deliver it yesterday, but no one was home. So they left a note on the door saying if I signed the paper and left it out they would leave the package behind. Well that was a lie. I stopped at home between class and work to see if it was there, and it wasn't. When I got home I found a note saying that the package had to be signed for. Yeah. So I called and asked if there was a building that I could go to to pick it up. There was. So I drove about 10 minutes each way to pick it up. And after a week with out my computer - I was ready to have her back.

I have had one class period of each of my classes, and I think I know which classes I will like, and which I will dislike. I will go more in-depth later. I have to go do some reading now. : )


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