Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School

I am now a Senior in college. Senior. In College.

This will be my 18th year of school, not including pre-school/pre-kindergarten. 18 years.

Instead of buying crayons and water-soluble glue sticks, I buy textbooks with hundreds of pages.

18 years and I still anticipate the new notebooks, planner, and pens. I still love to fill up my notebooks with notes (that I may or may not ever look at again). And despite the fact that I am a self-proclaimed artist, I will not doodle in the columns. The pages have to look neat. The same color ink must be used on all the pages, with the exception of highlighter to signify important items.

I also do that thing where each class has its own color. So if art were pink, it would have a pink notebook, a pink folder, and any assignments for art in my planner would be highlighted with pink. (Thats a secret OCD quality I have)

I finally threw out a filled math notebook from two years ago. I was saving it - you know, just in case I ever needed a refresher on Linear Inequalities. I'm surprised I saved a math notebook that long. I despise math, it is my arch enemy. I think I was just proud that I filled a whole notebook from front to back.

With only 3 semesters (I have one extra), and 12 classes to go, I don't think my love for new notebooks and color-coding will ever go away.

This semester I am taking 4 classes: Beginning Sculpture, Italian Renaissance Art History, TV Program Analysis and Criticism (communications class), and Graphic Design 3.

The only classes I will have left that I need to take are Beginning Painting, Graphic Design 4, Graphic Design 5, 3 more Art History classes, and my Senior Capstone. I will finish with 121 college credits - one over the amount needed to graduate.

It's getting to that scary point. That point where I am realizing just how little time I have until I am supposed to be a real adult. An adult.

This is the point where things get interesting. I am starting to get scared.


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  1. I like that OCD quality! I'm kinda OCD like that too...with the pen colors and all..oh and if I start something in has to be finished in cursive. and visa

    <3 Mere


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