Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful Mizzou

Now I remember why I chose Mizzou.

The beautiful quad, the famous columns, and Jesse Hall. : )

For over a year the quad was torn up. It was fenced off and it housed the construction materials for the new journalism institute that was being built on campus. I was so happy to see it all green and pretty again!

And now, for a class review. I have successfully made it through 2 class periods of each class. So now I can tell you how I think my semester will go.

Italian Renaissance Art History: from 9 - 9:50 am M/W/F; professor is an old man; he makes corny jokes that no one laughs at; he rambles on about random things that we do not need to know for any test or quiz; I have been to Italy and I am interested in the art and architecture; I actually enjoy art history in general. Should be a good class overall.

Design for Interactive Media (Graphic Design 3): from 2 - 4:50 pm M/W; excellent professor who knows what he is doing; gives excellent tutorials/lectures; my major and my passion; I am excited to learn the subject of this class. This will most likely be my favorite class. We are currently learning flash and are working on a text animation. If I can figure out how to post it here when I am done, I will.

Beginning Sculpture: from 8 - 10:50 am T/Th; it's too early in the morning; professor seems okay - a little quiet; really really messy; it's early in the morning. Besides the fact that this class is at 8 am, it is also on the edge of campus. I have to drive from there to my next class because it would take me 30 minutes if I walked. And the terracotta clay is gross and sticky. I don't like being dirty. This class gets me dirty. I guess it should be fun overall. We'll see.

TV Criticism and Analysis: from 11 am - 12:15 pm T/Th; professor is awesome; it's a class about TV; it's a communications class; we get to watch TV; the professor is amazing. I think this class will be my favorite. I love the subject of communication, I wish there was a minor I could get. Yes, this is a real class. And yes, we learn about real things.

These past few days I have come to many realizations. Some happy, some sad, some bittersweet. I knew college would go fast, but I can't believe I am this close to the end.


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  1. Okay, I totally understand the missing school part. It gets to be a home, familiar, you know how things work, you know the people, the professors. Heck, all the spots where you went to read or cry or just have a good talk. I'm enjoying your pictures. That's a great way to collect memories and have some way to go back again and again. I missed my baby leaving for Kinder, it's been too quiet around here and his brother just mopes around. No more fighting! But not near as much fun. Ha!



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