Monday, August 18, 2008

Caution: Giant Hole in Floor

The exciting news around here is the new hole in middle of the concrete floor. They are in the process of putting in an elevator - right in the middle of our office. In addition to the dangerous cliff they have installed, there is concrete dust everywhere. They hung up plastic sheeting, but that did nothing. I have been tasting concrete for weeks.

A new development, as of yesterday, is the squeaking air conditioner vent. It is a constant, loud, head-ache producing squeak.

For a week, the 6 of us were shuffled all over the building. They just stuck us in whatever corner they could find.

I took pictures, but my camera battery just decided to die, so I'll have to add those in tomorrow.

Some actual exciting news - I am working on pretty big campaign. I get to design the whole thing from scratch using Frank Miller and WWII propaganda posters as inspiration. It will be in red, white, and black only. I'll keep you updated!

Oh, we also have some new people. I made this chart/list to show you the losses and gains. Just click on it so you can actually read it. (This just shows how bored I am today!) I figured this was easier - and you all probably think I'm nuts.

PS: This is my 77th post. And 7 is my favorite number. : )



  1. I would love to know how to make a link on my blog, since I'm obviously not at tech savvy as I may seem. HA! By the way, sorry about the concrete jungle there. That sounds awful. Are they handing out those cheesy looking face masks? They work, just not so attractive. :)

  2. Love the chart! I would do that I have a challenge for you on my blog!

    Love, Mere


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