Monday, August 18, 2008

Down and Out

Bad news: without my laptop for a week.

Good news: I don't have to pay for any of the repairs. 

For the computer savvy readers, the parts I am getting replaced on my PowerBook G4 are the keyboard, the logic board, and the power adapter. Okay, the keyboard is pretty self explanatory. The logic board is basically the human brain equivalent for the computer. And without the power adapter, the battery wouldn't charge rendering the computer itself useless. 

The keyboard letter "V" stopped working a few months ago. Unfortunately I couldn't just get the one letter fixed, so I needed a $60.00 replacement. 

I purchased another RAM card, my lovely boyfriend installed it in the slot, only to discover that the slot didn't work. I wasn't sure if you had to some how activate it or something, so after a little online investigating I discovered that it was a wide spread problem for a lot of computers made during the time mine was. In order to fix that, the whole logic board needs to be replaced. A new logic board can cost around $1,000.00 or more.

And a new power adapter costs about $70.00. 

So add that all together and I would have had a $1,130.00 bill - and that doesn't even include labor. I would hate to see the total after those slow tech's finished up with it. 

And a tank of gas to drive to St. Louis (2 hours away) was definitely cheaper than Apple's bill would have been. 

So this week I will be coming to you live from work. Stay tuned, there are some interesting story lines to catch up on here.


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