Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Around

So it might seem like I disappeared. But I didn't. As much as I sometimes wish that I had that power...

Anyway. My computer is still 'being fixed'. Basically, they sent it to Houston in the midst of Ike last week. So there it sits, in some computer-fixing place in Houston, with no power, not being fixed.

I'm not complaining about the specific location - just that why did Apple send it to Houston in the first place. They knew a hurricane was coming.

Homes and grocery stores should be the first to get back power. The computer-fixing place should probably be at the end of the list. But I sure miss my little computer.

It should work like cars - they should give you a loner while they fix it. (I'm not computer dependent or anything...)

And while I wish I could blog at work, I have been really busy. I'll have to post an updated employee list. We are down 2 designers, meaning I am doing 2 peoples work load. Which makes not having a laptop that much harder.

I mean I could take it home and work on it and....


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