Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sick : (

I am sick with strep throat. I spent all day yesterday with fevers. Today I feel better, but it still really hurts to swallow. Luckily I got over to the Student Health Center before it had really kicked in. The doctor didn't even have to swab my throat, she could tell it was strep by looking at it.

I have one class that I cannot miss today - I have a paper and another assignment due, so I will be going to one of my classes then skipping work to come home and sleep some more.

I used to get strep about 4 times a year as a child - I can't believe I put up with this pain and general uncomfortable-ness that often!

I hope everyone else is nice and healthy. And I hope I can can get feeling semi-better soon, I have some great posts lined up!


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