Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is just a quick little shout out for my lovely little sister, Katie. : )

Katie and I at the Turkey Trot last Thanksgiving - showing our Mizzou pride.

She was accepted to Mizzou this week!

I am proud of her, and even more excited for her. I am sad that I only have 2.5 semesters left, but I am SO glad that one of them will over-lap with my little (even though she is bigger than me) sister. I keep thinking of all the fun things we can do together... random lunch/starbucks dates, football games on Saturdays, late study nights... that is if she even wants to hang out with me, I am old after all. : )

And, in light of the Mizzou vs Texas game, I have to say that I wish I was at home right now. Even though we couldn't buy tickets because they were $100 each, I could have seen my family. Only a month until Thanksgiving!

Congratulations Katie!


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  1. CONGRATS KATIE :) That will be me next year...getting college acceptance letters :) I can hardly wait...but want to savor my high school days!

    Love, Mere


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