Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Living Room

I had a couple of my friends, Jessica and L, over for dinner Tuesday night, so naturally I cleaned the house. I finally got things looking the way I wanted, so I took pictures.

View from the front door area. From this view, you can see into the dining area.

View from the dining area.

The comfy couch and the coffee table decor.

I have a brown wire basket that holds magazines and the remote. On top is a turquoise flower pot I filled with yummy smelling coffee beans that I nestled a tea-light into. A turquoise plate holds another candle, to help block the heat. I filled my favorite red bowl with Halloween candy, and a cleaned out candle jar and lid with candy corn.

The fire place and mantle.

On the mantle I have a glass vase filled with Halloween candy and another glass candle jar with a lid filled with candy corn. I figured I can change out those items with seasonal decor. The long black thing is a tea-light holder. And I have another flower pot with a glass candle jar, with out a lid, filled with coffee beans and a tea-light. I stacked the candle jar and the flower pot because I wanted to get the height to balance with the other side. I still want to add a silver picture frame to the right side.

The large black curvy frame was going to the dumpster last week. I saved it, and I love it. I want to hang something in middle.

Where the actual fire place should be... I cut some foam core to fit the opening to block the heat/cold/bugs from getting in. I was thinking about painting it or decorating it some how, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I'll take photos of the outside and other rooms soon.

Oh, about the dinner! I was really excited about my menu. I made spring rolls - like prepared the veggies and rolled them up and fried them and everything. I made some rolls with chicken and cheese filling, too. They ended up tasting really good. I was really happy that I made them. Then we had salad, and pasta with homemade meat sauce. For desert we had apple cobbler. It was to-die-for. The perfect fall treat I was looking for. The girls enjoyed dinner, which always makes the host feel good. : ) I'll post the recipe soon.


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