Saturday, October 4, 2008

Whats your color?

I came across this earlier.

I was hoping that I would find a wonderfully spectacular color waiting for me. I got Autumn Sunset. It's not horrible, and I have recently started to adore the color orange. But I was jealous of some of the colors my friends and family got.

My actual favorite colors, while I am open to all of them, are green, turquoise/teal, pink occasionally, and most recently orange.

This is currently my favorite color palate:

My favorite color used to be yellow (high school), and before that blue (middle school), and before that purple (grade school), and before that... I don't remember. And of course it slightly changed from day to day. So I have pretty much made my way through the whole spectrum.

Since we are talking about color... 2 of my favorite books - even just to look through every once and a while - are:

They have tons of colors and their formulas listed out. If that doesn't make sense to you... ask me. : )


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