Tuesday, November 25, 2008

70 to 0

I was busy busy busy all last week - hence the lack of posts. And now I have slowed to almost zero. Ahh.

I sent out almost all of the first set of shirt orders. The company messed up a couple and had to re-do them. They should be finished today, but I won't be able to get to them until next Monday. I am out of town. I will gather up those last few orders and get them sent out on Tuesday.

The second (and maybe final) order will be placed on December 12. That will give me enough time to place the orders and ship them out before Christmas.

I am at home for Thanksgiving break. Home being where I grew up, and where my Mom and Dad still take care of me. : ) I am looking forward to yummy Thanksgiving food. I have already been sleeping in and doing a lot of nothing during the day. Ahhh. Much needed relaxation.

Elliott went home with Steven. I keep getting updates on funny things he is doing. Like earlier when he tried to jump from a recliner to a window sill and he missed and fell on the floor.

Here is the most recent picture:

I'll be back tomorrow - I think...

Check out the tee blog! There are new photos! Did you order your shirt yet?


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