Friday, November 7, 2008


**Updated with photos!**

I feel like I have been missing out lately!

I have been busy with school, work, homework, after work work, a few things for the water4christmas project, and another secret project.

Not to mention the kittens. Yes, kittens. The boyfriend and I rescued 4 stray kittens. It involved sticking my whole arm up a black drainage tube and pulling each one out.

That was on Monday, and of course the Humane Society was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. So on Thursday we gathered up the courage to stick them in the crate and drive them over. When we got there they told us we would have to pay a $20 intake fee, and then they would hold them for 5 days. If on that 5th day they weighed enough to be spayed or neutered, then they would perform those procedures and put them up for adoption. If they didn't weigh enough on that 5th day, well, then... let's just say they wouldn't be around for much longer. They only weighed about a pound, so they wouldn't have gained the weight they needed to in 5 days. So they all came home with us. If we don't find people to adopt them, then we will take them back to the Humane Society in a week or two.

My favorite photo so far!



  1. oh my gosh, they are adorable!
    and you have been busy!!!

  2. yah... and jody is looking for a couple of kittens too.


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