Monday, December 15, 2008

Elliott Update

I'm sure you all are wondering about Elliott. Okay, maybe just my Mom, but I'm sure you'll enjoy these photos too. : )

To show his growth, here is Elliott shortly after we first got him:

Here he is about a week before Thanksgiving:

And here is Elliott just a few days ago:
He doesn't quite fit in the basket anymore.

And here are a few photos to show you what Elliott has been up to:
He played with his giraffe toy,

he enjoyed some of my cranberry slush from Sonic,

he hunted some prey (meaning my hands and arms),

he became embarrassed when my friends and I put him in a VS bag,

he played on the computer,

he took a long nap on the couch,

he carried around his giraffe toy,

he got his first bath,

he slept over in my room,

he had an exciting play date with a paper bag,

and he helped me with my homework.

Meanwhile, I have been busy with finals, papers, studying, projects, and taking photos of Elliott. So that is why I failed to post anything for over a week. Things are slowing down, so I should be posting regularly again. : )


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