Friday, January 2, 2009

Semi-Homemade gifts

Since Christmas has past and everyone has received their gift, I can finally share what I "created."

I bought a block of linoleum (but its not really linoleum any more) and a set of carving tools. I drew my design and then started carving. I forgot to take photos of the carved block, but you get the idea. Then I stamped some pre-purchased notebooks - I used Moleskine journals.

Here are some of the finished books. I used hot pink, lavender, orange, blue, and gold-green.

Then I wrapped them up in brown paper, like butchers paper, used a green ribbon to spice it up, and made these tags for everyone. The other side says "merry christmas love, christa." I could have even stamped the paper to make some pretty wrapping paper... maybe next year. : )

I think everyone liked them! I told them when they filled one up and needed another to let me know.

I have to be honest, I meant to give these to many more people than actually received them. Let's just say I should have made a list instead of guessing how many I needed. I plan on making more to share with the people I missed.


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