Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I Lie.

So, this week has been a little crazier than I thought. That combined with the fact that I have no pictures to share has deterred me from posting anything.

I do have several posts in the works... just waiting for photos of course.

I haven't told you about the classes I am taking this semester yet... Painting, Graphic Design 4, Packaging Design, and Art History.

Painting is 3 hours long on Monday and Wednesday starting at 8am. It's been a little challenging, but fun at the same time. It is not fun standing for 3 hours right after waking up though.

Graphic Design is fun as always. We have already done two projects, and I got a B on my first project after my teacher told the class that most people got C's and not to freak out. So I was psyched to get a B. I plan on posting photos of my work since that is part of our assignments now.

Packing Design has been a blast. We just turned in our first project - we had to design packaging for a coffeehouse and creamery. Yes, a place that sells coffee and ice cream. I should have a good picture tomorrow... so we'll see.

And art history is... art history. Pretty much the same stuff as the other two classes I have taken.

So, I promise, more really soon. I am getting my camera out more. : )


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