Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Vanilla Bean

This was my first project for my Packaging Design class. I think it turned out well, and for the most part, exactly how I wanted it to.

First, I had to design the logo for The Vanilla Bean Coffeehouse and Creamery. Then, I had to design all the elements and make the correct template for each of the items. Luckily, I didn't have to actually make the cups, I was able to wrap my paper around an existing cup. The only items I constructed myself are the coffee bean and ground coffee bags in the right hand side of the photos.

It was a fun project. Our next business to design for is Tomato House Pizza... I am looking forward the research needed for this assignment. : )

I tried posting some new pictures of Elliott... but Blogger was being dumb, so that post is in the works. : )

More soon, I swear!



  1. I love this. Did you design all of that together? You are brilliant. Wow!! Tell me more.

  2. Wow, CJ!!! This is VERY cool. I LOVE IT!
    Looks like you are ready for the professional world already. If you don't get an excellent grade on this project your teacher is a putz.
    -Love, Mommy

  3. Hey, you, would you be willing to show me how you've added all the cool bits to your blog. LIKE: your blogs I follow on one side, and the twitter, etc., Even the Handmade ads that you have on there. I would love to be able to add some of my favorite photography sites and products in the margins, as well as have a button for Strobist.com. I'd also love to add a new header, but the measurements for mine are too big, any suggestions?


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