Monday, April 20, 2009

Drive by.

Just a quick drive by to say hello! With three weeks of school left for the semester, I barely have time to eat and shower.

Above is Oliver... Elliott's brother. He stayed with us for 5 nights. We took both the boys outside on Friday to play, and it was Ollie's first time outside. He liked munching on the grass. : ) I took this picture with my cell phone to send to his mommy.

Today I turned in a 68 page magazine. It was a group project, but as the group leader I did the most work. I think it turned out extremely well. Of course I still had other homework, quizzes, and things to do for school and work work to do, too. My back and shoulders are all stiff, and I've had a perpetual headache for at least a week.

I came up with a clever little line earlier today... "Showers and Weddings and Gifts, Oh my!" That definitely describes my life at the moment. I have been to one wedding before, and suddenly I have three in a 7 month span. Lauren and Josh are getting married June 6th and I am attending her shower on May 2nd. Rumor has it that I am invited to the bachelorette party too. Whitney and Jason are getting married June 20th and I attended her shower yesterday. I am invited to the bachelorette party on June 13th as well. And Jessica and Jeremy, previously featured here, are getting married on January 2nd, 2010. I will attend the shower and bachelorette party, but they are obviously not scheduled yet.

I am getting a crash course in everything wedding.

Sorry for the random thoughts! I'll be back with more updates soon... I hope!


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