Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dumpster Diving

So a few weeks back I went dumpster diving.

No, that's not true. I saved some things from making their way to the dumpster.

I just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and I saved 2 tables from entering the large green dumpster behind the art building. Well, 1 and a half tables.

Here is the first table... BEFORE:
It was pretty nasty. And it was missing a top. You can see the paint splatters all over, and there are chunks missing out of the legs. I bought a piece of plywood for the top for $10. I used paint that I already had in the garage, so that was free!

So here is the first table... AFTER:
It is painted an antique white, and I think it's rather boring. But it is MUCH better looking! It sits right beside the front door (door to the left) and 2 vintage locker baskets sit on top. They collect school books, mail, and other odds and ends. I put a small rug underneath for shoes. Mostly Steven's belongings collect here, since he uses the front door as his entrance. My school books sit here because I study in the living room.

And now table number 2... BEFORE:

Oh, right. I forgot to take before photos. So just close your eyes and imagine maple colored wood, the top covered in paint drips and ink stains. Imagine that the legs look like they were sitting in 4 inches of black ink/paint.

Pretty nasty, right?!

Here it is... AFTER:
This table is counter height. I painted the legs antique white and the top black (free paint again!). Not digging this color combo. Another locker basket sits on this table, collecting more junk. It sits in the back hall, by the garage entrance into the house - that's where I enter, so this is my landing pad. My purse, keys, and school bag sit here and I placed a bin underneath to collect my shoes - it also sleeps on grey cat on occasion. : ) (and sadly, the purse is an imitation.)

And this is the color I am thinking about adding to the tables...
I found this on Lindsey Cheney's blog. I am pretty much in love with her whole home - or at least what she has shared with the blogging world. I also recently bought a headband from her store - The Pleated Poppy. I should post a picture soon, I just love it.

Anyway, I love the color she painted this table. It started as an oak toned table, and now it is this lovely shade of turquoise. I think she loves turquoise even more than me.

So what do you think? Should I throw some more color into the mix? Is this the right color? I need some advice.

So that's my dumpster diving story. I didn't even get an garbage on me!


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