Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Next in line, please.

I told you I would be back soon. : ) Now where was I...

Next I had a HUGE project due. Like the biggest class project ever. It was my baby for weeks. (I'll have pictures and details soon).

Then it was Earth Day. We had an event at the University Bookstore, and I got a baby tree. It now resides in a pot in front of my house (since I live in a rental, I didn't want to plant in the ground).

It's a Flowering Dogwood. Picture from today.

Next on the calendar was Steven's birthday. We went out to the Piano Bar, and had a blast, as usual. Here's a photo from one night at the Piano Bar... not sure if it's Steven's birthday or another time.

Me and Latessa

Then I had a HUGE work presentation. We had to present our football season marketing campaign to the University Bookstore and the Tiger Team Store. I was in charge of the design and rational, so that kept me busy - especially since I had regular work and school work to go along with it.

That's all for today. : )


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