Friday, May 22, 2009

So Shoot Me

Okay, I lied.

I have been meaning to post more often. I swear.
I could make a list of excuses reasons why I have been absent. But I wont. Just know that life has been busy, and I plan on catching you up. Starting now.
Going in order... starting from the last time I posted anything of significance...

I turned in another packaging design project. And I actually have pictures!

I created wine labels for 4 types of wine, a cheese and cracker basket - complete with 2 types of cheese and 2 types of crackers, an apron, a box for gifts, and a business card.

This was a fun project. I thought I did a good job, and I received an A so my teacher must have thought the same.

Then a couple days later I had my Grad Check. That's when they make sure you actually have all the credits you need or are signed up to take the proper classes so you can graduate "on time." I had one small glitch... I had one too many art classes. So I either had to drop an art class, or pick up an additional non-art class. I decided to take Marketing 3000 to fulfill that. I also verified my minor. So unless something really tragic occurs - I will be graduating on December 20th, 2009 with a Bachelor of Art - Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. : ) : ) Yay!
Then my friend Jessica turned 23... unfortunately I have no pictures. But here is a picture of me and my two best friends from another night...

Me, Latessa, and Jessica

That's as far as I'll go today. More soon. I suppose I shouldn't promise, but I really intend to post again really soon. : )

**Edit: You couldn't click on the photos to enlarge them before... not sure why, but it's fixed now!**


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