Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm a Bridesmaid

Now I actually feel like a Bridesmaid. Before it was just a word, but now we have dresses and details and times and jobs... it's exciting!

I have a few pictures from today...

First I'll introduce you to the gang, minus 2. There will be 4 Bridesmaids, 1 Maid of Honor and 1 Matron of Honor.

Bridesmaids Latessa and I, Bride-to-Be Jessica, Maid OH Ashley, and Matron OH Allison.

You should already know Latessa and Jessica, Ashley is her best friend from high school and Allison is her brother's wife. (They have a 5 month old girl, Jaiden, and she is precious!) The other two are Cristina, her cousin, and Melissa, Jeremy the Groom-to-Be's sister.

I am only showing you the dress that we picked, but we tried on 2 others. One had some lace on the bodice that we decided would clash with the Bride's dress - but I can't give you any more detials about that. : ) And the other one just wasn't as flattering as the final choice.

Here is teeny tiny Ashley modeling the dress.

Latessa modeling the dress.

This is how they held the dress on us all, it was a size 12!

And here is an image I found online of what the dress should actually look like when it's the right size and we don't need industrial clips to hold them on... The color on the dress we tried on is the color it will be.

We went to lunch afterward and chatted about the details. They told us at the bridal shop that it will take 3 to 5 months to get the dresses in, we all thought that seemed like a long time. It's a good thing we did it now and didnt put it off any longer, there is only 6 months until the wedding. We will be wearing black open-toed shoes and white pearl earrings.

Anyway, just a quick post to share the excitement!


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