Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To finish April in June...

I'm back. I went on vacation, it was lovely. But here in blog-land I am still in April, so you'll have to wait for details until I mosey on over to June. : )

Okay, so from where I left off...
I had finals and final projects to prepare for. Lots of hectic days (which I blamed for my lack of posts already).

Come May it was all study and work. I had 3 final projects and 1 final exam due by May 12. Then I had another huge work presentation on the 14.

Then I cleaned, and got my hair cut, my eyebrows waxed, and I even painted my toe nails:

All to prepare for Steven's graduation on May 16! Let the photo story commence:

Before the ceremony.

Walking the stage... the screen changed as I took the picture!

Steven, his sister, and parents.

Steven and Elliott. Look how huge that kitty is!

Steven, his grandparents, and I. (I wore my black and gold!)

The morning after Steven's graduation (6:00 in the morning, to be accurate), we left for Chicago to attend his sister's high school graduation. We got there with just enough time to change clothes and get to the high school. More photos:

Elliott in the car on the way to Chicago.

At Steven's sister's graduation - They had a lovely outdoor ceremony.

Elliott on the way home from Chicago, protecting his new toy!

So then nothing exciting happened until May 27 when I became the owner of a washer and dryer, finally! (I would post a picture, but everyone knows what they look like. : )

That catches me up to last week! So during the lull that is summer I will go back and post more detailed descriptions and more pictures of things I mentioned. At least that's the plan.

Be back soon. At least that's the plan. : )


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