Friday, July 10, 2009

For the times, they are a-changin'

Big things happenin' around these parts. And I'm none too pleased.

(Okay, enough enough of that.)

Things are happening, things are changing, and I'm not all that pleased.

Well, there is one thing I'm happy about, so I'll start with that...

My baby sister is coming to Mizzou in the fall! : ) We're going to have lunch together, work out together, have dinner together... and whatever else she'll let me do. Cause we all know I'm not that cool. : )

So on to the horrible things that have brought me here today...

Big thing #1: boyfriend is moving.

Big thing #2: new roommate.

These two go together, obviously. My boyfriend is moving a minimum of 350 miles, and a maximum of 950 miles away from me. Which leaves me with a new roommate. A girl roommate. Which means I have to learn how to live in my own house all over again. But, it won't be for long - a most a year. So I can do it. I think. She is my friend, I can make it work.

Big thing #3: graduation is approaching.

Big thing #4: have to find job.

I graduate in 161 days. My boss tells me I could start applying for jobs now. Which means I have a lot of portfolio work to do. Then I can get all my applications in before everyone else. Ideally anyway.

Big thing #5: almost 23.

21 days until I'm 23. Reality has hit. Things don't go as planned, and for a planner that's a problem. It creates a lot of stress. And break downs. And trying to re-plan even though the planner knows that things still won't go according to the plan. I wouldn't go back and do anything different, I just wish life was still on my time line. Doesn't everybody?

Sorry for whining, but it's my blog and I can do what I want.

I have more pictures... and lots of work this month. But I will try really hard to get some posted. Sans whining.


1 comment:

  1. yayyy i'm coming soon:) and dont worry you're cool!!
    and don't worry about living with another girl, you'll do fine you did it for the first 18 years of your life.
    as for graduation, its scary, i know graduating from high school is wayy different than graduating from college but you can do it i know you can. i think you're more ready than you think you do. you'll find a job you are soooooo good at what you do! if you ever need to whine or talk i'm here :)
    love your baby sister<3


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