Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away (by 5:00)

It is pouring here this morning! Hardest rain fall I've seen in a while. Luckily it didn't start until after I got settled at my desk. And I packed my lunch, so I won't have to go anywhere until 5.

I came across the image on the Urban Outfitters website... it is a style copy of the "Stay Strong and Carry On" posters that I adore. I visit websites like Urban and Anthropologie for ideas and inspiration. I'm thinking about framing some of my digital art - something that I hadn't thought of until recently (I know, I know).

To keep myself going at work, I complete one task on my to-do-list, then take a break. I either go get a drink, grab a snack, visit a couple fun websites, check my e-mail, reply to e-mails, check my social networking sites, or bother other people in the office and chat with them. : ) (Or Write quick blog posts, such as this)

I listen to the radio all day, usually sans headphones because they give me a headache. I check with my cubicle neighbors when they arrive in the office, hours after me, to make sure that it doesn't bother them. I am building my iTunes library by jotting down names of songs I like - much easier to do at a desk than in the car. Haha

My boss Megan is on vacation. She keeps posting pictures of her daughters O & A at the beach. Just trying to make us all jealous, I think. If so, it's working. We're all sitting in our office freezing (because the thermostat is in an adjoining office of all boys and they keep it at 70, ugh).

Any who, that was a good break. Now back to work.


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