Monday, July 20, 2009

The Winery

Steven, the boyfriend, and I made our first visit to the Les Bourgeois winery in Rocheport, MO. It was a lovely day, and the rolling vineyards reminded me of Italy. (Which just makes me want to go back, but that's another post all together.)

We decided to go, 1) because of the beautiful weather we had this past weekend, and 2) because they were having release party for the new Collector's Series and they were giving out samples. Beautiful day + free wine + free food = THERE!

They had 2 whites and one red. The Syrah was my favorite. We each got a glass and we were free to ask for as many samples as we wanted. Don't worry, we didn't totally mooch. We each bought a glass of our favorite and sat at a little table on the bluff overlooking the Missouri River.

The Blufftop Bistro.

Close up of the Bistro.

The other side of Bistro. The white tent is where they had the wine set up.

Steven and I at the edge of the bluff.

I will definitely be going back to the winery. We didn't get to see the other building they have - the A-Frame. They were having a concert there and we would have had to pay $3 each just to go down the path to the building.

Steven is moving this weekend, so I am glad we got to spend a nice afternoon doing something fun. : )

On the work side of things... I am still really busy. After the next two weeks, things should slow down a tad. And then school will start and craziness will ensue once again. I am traveling to Kansas City for the day on Friday to help out with the photo shoot for the bookstore, so that will be a long busy day!

We had some excitement today in the office. Sara, another design intern, sliced her thumb while cutting some paper. I ran into her when she was coming upstairs from washing her hand in the bathroom. She looked white as a ghost, so I asked her if she was okay - she asked me for a band-aid. I asked her what happened and she showed me her thumb. Sara had sliced a good chunk, so I told her she should probably go to the ER just to make sure she didn't need stitches. The Dr. was impressed by the "fillet wound" Sara had given herself. She ended up with a tetanus shot and a bandage - no stitches required. : ) She was able to claim workman's comp. so she didn't won't to pay for her visit. Our supervisor said 'Who would have thought I would be filling out a workman's comp. form for the marketing department...!?'

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  1. i'm glad that you finally got to go!!!


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